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Maintenance of hardwood floors is an important aspect of owning hardwood flooring. Without maintenance, the beauty of the wood floor will not be preserved and it may even begin to look dull or old.

No matter what type of maintenance service your hardwood floor needs, Tacoma Hardwood Floors offers maintenance services for all types of hardwood floors. We offer maintenance services for hardwood floors that are finished or unfinished, prefinished or raw.

Our maintenance service includes:

  • - Sanding and refinishing old finishes
  • - Taking care of small scratches caused by heavy furniture moving
  • - Polishing
  • - Stripping all kinds of waxes & polishes
  • - Dust mop entire floor and clean baseboards
  • - Dust mop entire floor and clean baseboards
  • - Moving furniture and appliances without damage to the floors or harm to your self
  • - Maintaining hardwood floors that are finished by applying a protective wax coat
  • - Minor repair services such as, caulking small gaps in between boards, removing small scratches caused by pets or appliances, removing small stains caused by food or dirt

For maintenance services that involve stripping off all waxes and polishes of unfinished hardwood floors (raw wood), please call us at (253) 405-4573.

Tips for Maintenance You Can Do Yourself!

  • - Keep furniture leg pads under legs of heavy pieces of furniture. This will help your hardwood floor from getting damaged by scratching.
  • - Keep pets off of your hardwood floors while you are not around to supervise them. Pets can damage the floor with their nails over time. If you have a pet, especially a dog or cat, be sure to clean up their hair on the floor after they've shed it. The tiny hairs can get worked into the finish of your hardwood floor and may be difficult to remove.
  • - Use a wood floor vacuum cleaner with an attachment that will reach under heavy furniture. Vacuuming your hardwood floors daily will help in maintenance a lot! It will also help reduce the amount of dust buildup on your flooring, which can cause discoloration.
  • - If you have children, make sure they are not playing with marbles or other heavy toys on the floor. Over time, this will cause dark streaks to form in your hardwood floors. These are usually difficult to remove.
  • - Use only coasters under hot items such as coffee mugs, water glasses, etc.
  • - Use only felt pads under furniture legs. Do not use plastic or metal!

Affordable Hardwood Floor Maintenance Services That Don't Break The Bank

We offer maintenance services for hardwood floors that are finished or unfinished, prefinished or raw. We will make sure your hardwood flooring maintains its original beauty. If you live in Tacoma , Washington area please give us a call at 253-405-4573 to schedule a maintenance service for your hardwood floors.

We also provide maintenance services to our service area in or around Tacoma , WA. Including but not limited to: Lakewood, University Place, Spanaway, Parkland, Puyallup, Graham , Bonney Lake, and Gig Harbor.

Thank you for choosing Tacoma Hardwood Floors! We look forward to providing maintenance services for your hardwood floors. For more information on our how we can help your floor drop us a line through our contact form, or call (253) 864-4272 or email us directly at tacomahardwoodfloors@gmail.com

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