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A newly installed hardwood floor can cost you upwards of $25 a square foot. Many people believe that refinishing an old, damaged wood floor is going to be a cheap alternative in comparison. Instead, refinishing a hardwood floor can save you up to 75% in comparison.

Let's say your old wood floors were in okay shape when you originally purchased the home but have been banged up and worn down over time from normal use. In this case, refinishing will do just fine for restoring your floors without needing to replace them completely. In fact, refinishing could add an extra 10-20 years of life to your existing wooden floors! If you love the look and feel of old-world style charm on wooden floors, refinishing may be the perfect option for you.

Refinishing is also a better choice than refinishing if your floors had previous damage or water damage and need to be restored. Unlike new hardwood installation, we refinish on top of existing floors that were never meant to come up - as such, refinish jobs are less expensive.

The best part about refinishing an old floor is the money you save in comparison to installing new floors at full cost. You can refinish all but the most severely damaged wood floors resulting in significant savings compared to new installation depending on what type of material and design options you choose.

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Tacoma Hardwood Floors has been refinishing wooden floors since the nineties with an emphasis on quality refinishing results combined with excellent customer service. We are refinishing masters offering floor refinishing services throughout the South Puget Sound region including Tacoma, Olympia, Puyallup, and the surrounding area. 

We refinish all types of wood flooring and can transform your old worn-out floors into beautiful new-looking surfaces. Our refinishing services allow you to save thousands compared to wholesale removal and replacement costs. We refinish: red oak, white oak, hickory, tulip poplar, ash, birch, and maple flooring types as well as refinish the exotics such as cherry hardwood floors.

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